Project Description

Sad Cat Token ($SCAT) is an anonymously founded, hygienic and mostly independent meme coin for cat lovers. This is a community-driven project that hopes to provide the kind of purr-fectly simple, long-tailed joy that DOGE and others have for crypto fans!

Every week, the Sad Cat team make a publicly verifiable donation on crowdfunding platform Go Get Funding, which hosts cat rescue shelters and needy individuals from all over the world. The Sad Cat community can browse the site and nominate needy kitties. Every week - on a Saturday - three are put up for vote. The winner gets the funds. The winning cause will receive the equivalent of 9,999,999 SCAT, which come from a Donation Wallet. So the higher the token price, the higher the donation. Let's make sad cats happy again!

Donation Map

Places around the world where SadCatToken has donated to! Detailed info here.


$SCAT has nine lives! The unique deflationary model of “9x9” (nine token burns of 9% each, corresponding to price targets) combined with massive burns from the reserve wallets have reduced the supply from a day 1 maximum of 99,999,999,999 down to a mere 17,524,091,709! How long until the 9th burn is reached, and what happens next? Stay tuned, mad $SCAT army, and remember: there is room for cats on the ~mewn!

Key Points

  • Heavily deflationary. 80% of supply already burned.
  • Uniswap Liquidity locked: verify it on Unicrypt.
  • Pancakeswap Liquidity locked: verify it on Trustswap.
  • Team Wallet locked: verify it on Trustswap.
  • Charity donation every week.
  • Community full of energy.


Like every other token, $SCAT has its own set of highly skilled advisors.


The headmaster of the University of SCATland, and a fan of warm milk.

Crazy Sadcat Lady

Aims to become the world’s biggest holder of $SCAT.

Elob Mnusk

Brilliant entre-purr-neur obsessed with the idea of sending SadCat to the moon.